What is BlueButtonPRO™?

BlueButtonPRO™ provides a simple and secure way to download, view, manage, and share healthcare data.

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Download Data

Import healthcare data not just from Medicare, but any FHIR® enabled source like patient portals, health plans, and fitness trackers.


View and Use

View all health data in one place in a simple user-friendly format. Use the aggregated data to manage healthcare for you, your family, and your patients.   


Manage and Share

Manage all healthcare data in a personal FHIR® repository. Share it easily with providers, care givers, patients, and research organizations.

How it Works?


Single Device Mode

Download and manage Medicare data on a single device with complete anonymity.


FHIR® Cloud Mode

Download and manage health data from multiple sources (including Medicare), for multiple people, and access it from multiple devices


Device vs. Cloud


Single Device Mode

Complete User Anonymity. BlueButtonPRO account is NOT required. Just download the app and begin using it.

Get Medicare Data. Downloaded Medicare data remains on the device it is downloaded on.

Organized View. View the data in an organized timeline. Sort it by the time range and other filter options.

Exportable in FHIR® Format. Export the data from the app in FHIR® format on your device to share or use in another app on that device.

FHIR® Cloud Mode

One Account, Multiple People. A user can add multiple people to his/her BlueButtonPRO account to manage their health information

Get Data from Multiple Sources. Download data from your Medicare account, other health plans, patient portals, labs, pharmacies, fitness trackers and all other FHIR compatible sources.

Organized View. View the combined data in an organized timeline. Sort it by the time range and other filter options.

Access Using Multiple Devices. Data is stored in a HIPAA compliant, secure cloud so it can be accessed and shared from anywhere, anytime.

Connect with Other Apps. Import and export data to and from other healthcare apps.

Complete Data Portability. Health data for each person under a user account is stored in a separate FHIR repository to ensure complete portability.

Share Via Secure Mailbox. Select the data you wish to share. Send a secure Download Invite to the entity you wish to share it with. The selected data will be stored in a secure cloud mailbox as a FHIR Bundle till it is retrieved by the intended receiver.

How BlueButtonPRO Helps?


Healthcare Consumers

Serves as the personal health data repository under your complete control. You decide what health data sources to connect, and who can view or download that data.  




Simplifies data sharing with patients and meet the regulatory requirements for MIPS. Providers can also utilize specialty/condition specific FHIR-based apps to care for their patients.




Enables research organizations to collect targeted data from diverse sources and encourage participation by incentivizing data-sharing. 



EHR and App Developers

Enables EHR vendors to meet multiple certification criteria with ease. It also opens an opportunity for revenue-sharing from apps sold to their clients. App developers can sell directly to the target providers.


Wondering how we make it all work? We have explained it in detail in our blogs.

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Blue Button® is a government initiative that is not affiliated in any way with BlueButtonPRO .  

BlueButtonPRO app is approved by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for use by Medicare beneficiaries, but is not sponsored by the Federal Government.


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BlueButtonPRO Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

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