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Hit Refresh. PHR to PFR (Personal FHIR® Record) with Microsoft® FHIR Server

While Apple’s Health App is a great initiative to get healthcare consumer directly involved with FHIR®, there are some serious limitations in this approach. Read how we have used Microsoft® FHIR Server and Azure Cosmos DB in our BlueButtonPRO App to address these limitations while trying to achieve the same end goal i.e. empowering healthcare consumer with access to their healthcare data with Personal FHIR Record.

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Azure Cosmos DB & HL7® FHIR® - A Match Made in Heaven?

The key differentiator of FHIR from any previous standards used in the healthcare is the portability of FHIR “resources”. This granular approach to storing and consuming healthcare data opens up many more new opportunities as compared to the traditional document-based methods. However, this approach also presents some challenges. Can Azure Cosmos DB be the perfect solution to those challenges? 

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