Data Ownership

BlueButtonPRO does not own any of the data. Here is our data policy for each user.



With BlueButtonPRO, consumers have the option to download the data to their device, or manage it online account.

  • The data downloaded to your device always stays on your device. You can delete it anytime.

  • The data downloaded/uploaded to your BlueButtonPRO account is owned by you. You control how you share the data and who you share it with.

  • The data that you share with others is governed by the agreement between you and the receiver.

  • You can download all the data from your device in FHIR® format anytime.

  • You can also delete all your data with a single click. Once you delete the data, it is deleted permanently from your account.

Providers and Research Organizations

  • All data in your BlueButtonPRO account is owned by your organization.

  • You can share data only by sending a "Download Package" invite to your patients, other providers, and research organizations. The data shared in this manner is governed by agreement between the providers and the receiving party.

  •  You can delete all the data at any time.

  •  You can download the data from your BlueButtonPRO account at any time using a FHIR Bundle or CCDA. 

EHR Vendors and App Developers

You don’t own the data. You only serve as the conduit between patients, providers, and other organizations to ensure that the data that passes through your system is accurate and in compliance with regulations that you and your clients (providers) are required to meet.

BlueButtonPro Terms of Service and Privacy Policy