Certified Health IT Challenges

After billions of dollars spent on "Certified Health IT", some challenges still remain unaddressed for Clinicians, Patients, and Developers. There are sixty 2015 Edition certification criteria that Health IT products can be certified for, by ONC Authorized Certification Bodies (ONC-ACBs) after being successfully tested by an ONC-Authorized Testing Laboratory (ONC-ATL). The certified products are then listed on the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) which poses a unique set of challenges for Providers, EHR developers, and App developers.



Certification Criteria Difficult to Understand

Small practices with limited time and technical expertise struggle to understand the technical details of certification criteria

It's difficult for small practices to understand what certification criteria are required for which CMS programs (MIPS, CPC+ etc.) 

Providers need a way to compare the EHRs that support their unique practice requirements and specialty (e.g. rural setting, behavioral health) 


EHR Developers

Difficult to Differentiate Themselves

No way to focus on unique features around a certification criteria 

No way to highlight use of certification criteria in production

Unable to list additional product features on CHPL listing such as specialties, care-settings, and target practice sizes 


App Developers

Difficult to Get API Information and Gain Visibility 

Have no simple way to search for the EHR APIs information and report issues for non-conformance

No way to communicate with other app developers to discuss common issues related to specific EHR or multiple EHRs 

Lack a common marketplace to showcase their solutions that work with multiple EHRs and different specialties


CheckEHR Solution



How CheckEHR Helps

CheckEHR is a platform to connect Providers, EHR Developers, and App Developers. 



Understand EHR Certification

Understand certification criteria required for various CMS programs (MIPS, CPC+). The app helps you easily determine what criteria an EHR is certified for based on it’s CHPL listing.


Functionality Based Search

CheckEHR makes it easy for the providers to find the functionality supported by a Certified Health IT product (EHR / Module) based on their goals.


Report Non-Conformance

If a Certified Health IT product falls short of meeting the functionality it is certified for, the CheckEHR app guides the providers through a step-by-step process to report it, and achieve a quick resolution.

EHR Developers


Differentiate Beyond CHPL

EHRs can add information to their listing which is not available on CHPL such as product features, specialties, care-settings, and practice sizes supported. 


First Line of Contact

CheckEHR makes it easy for the providers to get in touch directly with the EHR developer to get resolve their problems before it gets escalated.  


Provide Additional Details

Highlight unique product features for certification criteria in production; provide pricing options based on implementation models, customizations, and product integrations. 

App Developers


Access API Information

App developers can search for all the EHR APIs available and report any issues or non-conformance with ease. 


Showcase Apps

CheckEHR offers a space for app developers to showcase their solutions that work with multiple EHRs and specialties. 


Communicate with EHRs

App developers can communicate with EHRs to get specific questions answered.

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CheckEHR uses the information about the Certified Health IT published by ONC on Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL).


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